Monday, January 19, 2009

Logo/Banner Designs!!!

So my friend Darryl Bess Jr. aka DJ or WAKE UP Mr. Bess asked that I put in a little work for him and design a logo/banner for him base on some ideas he jotted down. From the 3 concept idea bred these 3 designs. This is just the beginning stages of the works at hand. For more info get a Mr. Bess at for once all 3 are completed he will be hold a voting campaign for his New Logo Banner. All color credited to my partner Isiah Banks.

Another One!!!

I'm in a zone today... Its been not stop. The kid in the headband is another character I plan to develop and do something major with soon. As for the other two just some random pieces for now but I'm pretty sure with be use along the line somewhere!!!

Hiro Project

Just a concept I plan to work and develop as the year progresses. I really like this concept and really plan to push it to the limit. To Be Continued...

NO NO NO Notorious!!!

I was listening to my whole Biggie Smalls collection and as I was drawing this became the final outcome. There are definitely some things that I can approve and I plan on doing revisions on this piece.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Concept for a Hero

Here a little something I finished up to get my juices following today. I like the look of the character design but still a few things to work on. He reminds me somewhat of an Egyptian so I may do something with that type of vibe. The world may never know...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Warm-Up 1/4/09

This was a little early morning sketch to start of 2009 in a righteous direction for me and what I have planned for this year. I have a team of TALENTED artists and writers here so this is the beinnings of something special.